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Inspired Art 
by Carl Irving
Welcome to the official website of Carl Anthony Irving.

Carl is an inspirational artist who draws upon life's experiences, his beliefs and those around,
to produce some his great works

Who Am I?

I'm a child led by his Father’s Son. My work is inspired and instructed by divine influence.

Most of my work was created whist in personal intimate times with my creator. In these times

I’ve received much healing through the works you see on this site. They also speak to me and

have prophesied much in my own life and have spoken to other people as well as foretold

events. Some are particularly referenced to end time biblical events unfolding. I believe they

are a living testimony and an honour to my Savior. I believe they are as alive as he is speaking

to the hearts of those who see them. It may not always convey what you would like but I guess

god tackles certain issues in all our lives that can make us feel uncomfortable. Essential for

personal growth however!

I don’t want to say too much about me but I hope you are inspired by the works!

Who Am I? I Am Nothing I AM, is everything.

Thank You Lord Jesus for saving me, you’re Amazing! x

I paint all my work on canvas and occasionally, these are offered for sale. You can  though purchase a range of prints of my work in various sixes or formats. For more information, please visit the galleries to find out more about each painting.